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Young Explorers

A place for children (and adults) to discover history and nature

We welcome children into the Forgotten Garden of Lewtrenchard. It is stressed that they must be accompanied by an adult to ensure their safety. In fact, it is recommended that adults are accompanied by a child or young person to get the most out of the gardens – they will drag you into every nook and cranny to discover things you never knew were there.

Schools and colleges are welcome but they must complete their own risk assessment in advance of a group visit and have suitable insurance. Teachers may wish to create their own quiz or create a route through the woodland to discover some of our rich history, flora and fauna. It goes without saying that thousands of hours of time and effort have been put into the Garden – please ask groups to respect it.

We are confident you will enjoy a rich tapestry in this beautiful and natural garden. The change of the seasons offers changing scenery that never fails to amaze us and our visitors.

Below is a suggested quiz sheet to download for kids to enjoy. Please feel free to repurpose this for your own educational requirements.

Even the adults might like to take part. If you would like to compile your own quiz sheet then we would love to see it. You can contact one of our “Friends” by clicking here and arrange to email it through. If it’s suitable then we will upload it to this website and create a quiz section. What about a botanical quiz?