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The Friends

Maintaining the beauty of this magical place

Membership Of The Forgotten Garden Of Lewtrenchard

Our Aims
To research, restore and maintain the Forgotten Garden Of Lewtrenchard, together with its associated buildings and features, as closely as possible to how they might have been during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

To preserve and advance the heritage of the Rev. Sabine Baring-Gould, the renowned Victorian author and scholar who was squire and parson of Lewtrenchard from 1881 to 1924, and who not only created the garden but also restored the Holy Well then on the site.

To take such actions as will assist in the preservation of the environment and the wildlife in the woodlands.

To make the garden and woodlands available as a community resource for educational and recreational purposes for the benefit of parishioners of Lewtrenchard and others.

Officers of the Association

Merriol Almond

Graham Yeo
Tel: 01566 783511

Frances Girling

Stephen Belk

Project Manager
Brian Wilkinson
Tel: 01566 783466

Woodland Planting
Peter Webb

Committee Members
Sue Butland, Tony Butland, Angela Wilkinson, Penny Yeo