Ron Wawman

Ron Wawman.

It is due to a chance discussion with the then gardener of the Lew Trenchard Hotel that lead Ron to be able to utilise his extensive knowledge of the Baring-Gould family to put into motion the formation of the Friends of the Forgotten Garden of Lew Trenchard, the acquiring of a lease from the Baring Gould Corporation and in 2007 establishing the site of the Holy Well, so long researched by him while transcribing the Sabine Baring-Gould diaries.
He was a ‘hands on’ Chairman, who spent much time recruiting professional and volunteer help, laying the foundation for the Friends of the Forgotten Garden, now nearly 10 years old. His enthusiasm and drive helped to push the progress made, especially in the early years and the garden will be a lasting legacy to his perseverance, leadership and vision.