July 2016 Somme Vigil & AGM

Somme Vigil:
The woodland garden of Lewtrenchard was forgotten for almost 100years like a “Sleeping Beauty”. Forgotten, in-part, because many young gardeners on the Baring-Gould estate of Lewtrenchard, who maintained this area joined the armed forces of the First World War.
It was with this in mind that The Red Spider Company organised a vigil on the centenary of the first day of the battle of the Somme (1st July 16) and some willing volunteers from the Lewtrenchard C of E primary school helped to plant a hornbeam tree at the Forgotten Garden. The hornbeam being the only tree that remained standing at Delville’s wood after the battle. The service was moving and well attended with the singing of hymns, popular army songs and a haunting “Last Post” echoing up the Lew valley.
The Friends of the Forgotten Garden’s Annual General Meeting was held at the Victory Hall, Lewdown on 4th July. This was a week later than originally planned, because of the sad death of Caroline Stuart, who was an active committee member for many years. The meeting reported on our past year and plans for the coming one.
The FFGL are planning a barbecue at the garden for 4pm on Sat. 20th August. All are welcome.