My special place…

Tranquil and Peaceful

To appreciate nature in a very tranquil and peaceful setting come to Lewtrenchard Forgotten Garden in the spring when there is a magnificent display of bluebells. At all times there is something interesting to see including birds ranging from Tree Creeper to Heron.


A Joy in all Seasons

It is rewarding to see the new life and now with the Holy Well, pond, bulbs and plants it is a joy to walk the circular path in all seasons and I hope others will take advantage of this beautiful local woodland.


The Vivid Colours

I have many childhood memories of the area. In springtime the bluebells and rhododendrons would be in full bloom, the rhododendrons in particular were of the most vivid colours. I remember the deep red, also the pink and white flowers and to a small child they were a wonder. This peaceful area of Lewtrenchard will always be a special place for me.


Heaven in Devon

Walk, sit, reflect in Sabine’s little heaven.


Pure Serenity

This special woodland is somewhere to hide for a while when the world is crowding in on you, where you can regain a more relaxed perspective on life.


My Escape

The Forgotten Garden is a place you can escape to. There is something in the peaceful setting, full of birdsong, that is unique and timeless.


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